Sunday, April 30, 2006

family values, hip-hop style

Friday, May 5 - Hip Hop's Impact on the American Family

7:30 PM at Cody's Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley

How has hip hop helped or hurt young persons' ideas about what family is - or is not?

Join the conversation in another of Cody's occasional hip hop forums, with ADISA BANJOKO, author of LYRICAL SWORDS, Vol. 1 & 2, moderating with panelists TAMARA PALMER, author of COUNTRY FRIED SOUL, T-KASH, artist and KPFA FNV DJ, ERIC ARNOLD, East Bay Express, JAY THE BUTCHER, rap artist, JOSPEH MICLETTE, Universal Zulu Nation San Jose Chapter Head, and educator.

7:30 PM at Cody's Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley


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